As with anything we buy, there is always a diminishing return on what we get with the more we spend.  At we can get your business on-line with a basic web site very quickly and for very little money and what you get will be more than enough to give your business a good on-line presence.  Our prices are as follows:-

Small Business Website from £120 (Limited time offer)

Small Business Website (basic) includes the following:-

Website name (2 years registration) or .com (1 years registration)

Horsham area web site with standard pages as follows :-

  • About Us page or similar.  Usually the home page.  Provide us with the wording and one photograph and we’ll create the page for you.
  • Contact Us page.  Complete with contact form.
  • Policy Statements page with sub pages.
  • Additional Page.  Could be a Gallery of your work, testimonials etc.  It’s up to you!  You provide us with the words and any photos and we’ll create the page.  No reduction in price for not having this page.  We can add additional pages to this when we create the web site for 20 per page
  • Ability for You to Add News Articles  Regularly updated websites are favourites with Google and other search engines.
  • Ability to Add Your Own Pages  Just as you can add posts, you can also add your own pages
  • Registered with Search Engines We will register your site  with Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Up to 2 e-mail addresses with information on how to retrieve on your computer.  e.g.
  • Full documentation of how to operate your new website and e-mail.

UK Based Website hosting from £5 to £10 per month.  That’s £5 to £10 every month for a minimum of 12 months and then until you decide to take your site off-line.

Support from £20 per month.  e.g. one news article uploaded and published using your words.  Note that we would recommend you handle this and add at least one news article per week.  I.e.  an article about what you are doing or have been doing that day/week/month

Backups.  £20 per backup.  Your web hosting provider will do backups but for peace of mind it is worth having a backup of your site and data somewhere off of the web server.  We will take a backup of your pages and article/posts etc. and put them on a SD card or similar for you to keep safe.

More pages.  We can create you more pages at £30 per page for a basic page with your words and one photograph.  We can add additional pages when we create the web site for £20 per page

Contact Us. For an informal chat to find out what we can do for you, contact us by one of the methods at the top right of this page or complete the enquiry form below:-

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