Website Essentials

It is relatively easy to create yourself a website if you can type an e-mail, and are fairly good with a computer,  although it will probably take you many weeks or months to actually get it on-line and years before anyone actually finds it.   There are many things other than the words and pictures which go to making up a web site.

Remember that a website which you have about you or your business is essentially information about you and your business displayed on-line for all to see. That can be quite a scary thought.  Believe me, I was very nervous about putting my first site online!

Website Name (URL)

Your website must have a unique name on the internet.  A domain name or URL is essential for any website.  If you are a small local business then your business name is probably the most appropriate name for your website, plus .CO.UK or .COM.  e.g.  Try not to use hyphens (-) to split up the words.

Web Site Hosting

Every website must be held on a server (computer) which is recognised by the internet.  There are specialist companies who host websites know as web hosting.  For the purpose of your website, Web hosting can be had from around £5 per month.  We only need the bare minimum of disk space and bandwidth (how much data can be processed per month).

Litigation Society

Remember that we live in a time of more and more law suites against people for damages that they have supposedly caused to other people.  Probably unlikely, but this could happen to you.  If you say something on-line and someone acts on it and loses money, gets hurt or someone else gets hurt, then you could be sued.

All websites that we create have appropriate disclaimers and policy statements which are there to help protect you against being sued.  It doesn’t mean that someone won’t try but as you have warned them in the proper way that you are not responsible for their actions, then they are much less likely to succeed.

WEBSITE Look and feel

When your website is first created, you probably won’t  know exactly what sort of look and feel you want.   After it has been live for a few days, weeks, months, you might want to change the look.  Maybe you want a different header, background colour, text colour etc.

For a small fee, we can easily change the look and feel of your site or if you are feeling adventurous, you can have a go yourself.

LOCAL BUSINESS WEBSITE Found in on-line searches

Getting your web site found when someone does a relevant on-line search is quiet a difficult thing to do.  Obviously it’s easier to be found for a local search than it is for a national one or an international one.  We will set your site up so it will be found for local searches.

Search Engines Told About Your New Web Site

When we build your site, your new website will be submitted to the main search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask so that they know it exists.  That’s a good start as otherwise it could take them some time to find a your new website.

A sitemap will be created which enables search engines to more quickly crawl through your site.  Initially of course, your website will only be a few pages, but if you follow our recommendation of adding regular news items, it could quite quickly become 10′s or even 100′s of pages.